This three year degree program syndicates Software Engineering techniques with Mathematics & Statistics. All these subject areas give you an expertise in Mathematical Sciences. Numerical methods for problem solving, statistical modeling and scientific computing are central.

Program Structure:

Mathematics as an elective concentrates on mathematical methods and techniques and their applications in modern day life. The course basically focuses on developing mathematical skills in algebra, calculus and data analysis. It also prepares you for higher studies. Statistics emphasizes on the concept of developing statistical models and techniques to analyze data

Program Highlights:

  • It prepares students for diverse careers that involve computer science, computer applications, science and technology, statistics, as well as management.
  • Excellent career opportunities are available in Research, financial service companies, data processing, testing and research centers, software, insurance, market research, securities and banking companies. Graduates in this field can also take up jobs as Programmers, Web Developers or Database Administrators within the IT Industry



Bachelor of Computer Applications is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Computer Applications.


Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Management.


Bachelor of Commerce is an undergraduate course which imparts students with managerial skills and at the same time .


Bachelor of Science is an undergraduate programme which offers unlimited learning options for students.