Why Choose Unity Degree College?

Unity Degree College provides you with a world class education focusing not just on academics but on all other aspects of your persona to help you reach your maximum potential and being successful in all areas of your life. Unity degree college offers the best Digital Classrooms, Resource centre, Library, Indoor Games facility, Live Webinar, last but not the least great faculty, we leave no page unturned in providing the absolute best to our students. It’s the reason why Unity Degree College is the fastest growing degree college in Visakhapatnam city. With our constant care and support we help you reach your goals and transform your life for the better.

Air Conditioned Classroom

The classrooms at Unity Degree College are digitally equipped. They are undoubtedly very comfortable as they are spacious and fully air conditioned. This creates a very pleasant and cool environment making for a great learning place.

Experienced Faculty

Faculty being one of the most important features to any academic institution, We at Unity picks nothing but the very best in the industry. Our faculty comes with years of experience from the corporate world and the educational field as well. They possess rich and deep knowledge of the concerned subjects. We take great pride in providing the best teachers to our students to help shape their bright futures.

Wi-Fi Campus

Our campus is totally Wi-Fi enabled which is we think is an absolute necessity in today’s day and age. This makes it extremely convenient for our students to have access to the Internet at all times.

Resource Centre

A resource centre is an important element to an educational institution as it enables students to develop a deeper curiosity for the subject as well as enabling them to pursue various case studies. At Unity we provide you with a world class Library and a computer lab to further your learning and understanding to a much deeper level.

Industry Connect

Industry connects are conducted at a regular bases at Unity. Our reason for doing this is to have our students connect with the experts of the Industry, who share their knowledge, expertise and skills which greatly enrich our student academic experience.

Unique Pedagogy

Our training methodology and practical based learning along with mini projects will give you the hands on experience to a professional working atmosphere.


Our Library is a large, comfortable, air conditioned and a well lit space which offers an extensive range of resources pertaining to education as well as overall development.

Computer Lab

Computer labs are available for instructional, drop in and training use. This enables the students to have more of a global insight.

Master Class

Live webinar series are conducted to provide an in-depth knowledge on an array of topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, human resources and Interview skills provided by industry experts. To prepare our students for their future careers.


We at Unity provide you with internships at prestigious companies that give you the experience you require to excel. The practical knowledge imparted is priceless at helping you form a bright and exciting career ahead.

Success Coach

We at Unity believe that anyone can achieve success through hard work and a great coach. At Unity we realize that overall development is indeed very important in being successful as a whole. Hence our coaches mentor you not just through your academics but also personal development, communication skills and interpersonal skills. We encourage our students in growing in totality and achieving success in every aspect in their lives.

Placement Assistance

We take it one step further not just providing you with the best learning experience but by assisting you in finding the best job placements



Bachelor of Computer Applications is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Computer Applications.


Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Management.


Bachelor of Commerce is an undergraduate course which imparts students with managerial skills and at the same time .


Bachelor of Science is an undergraduate programme which offers unlimited learning options for students.